New Yamuna Acidocid  40 Tablet

Yamuna Acidocid 500 Tablet

New product

- Gastric acidity
- Burning of Stomach
- Acid Peptic Disorders
- Flatulence
- Heart burn
- Reflux oesophagitis
- Acidity caused by tension, alcohol paan masala, smoking & analgesics etc is cured with the use of         ACIDOCID – T tablet.

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1-2 tablets to be chewed and swallowed with saliva. A little water or Acidocid Syrup to be taken 5-10 minutes later.


Each Tablet Contains: Shukti (Oyster shell), Glycyrrhiza glabra, operculina turpethum 100 mg each, Cyperus rotundus, Hedychium spictum 50 mg each, Dhatura strammonium linn 30 mg.